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'''SACPOP'''<br />
'''SACPOP'''<br />
Eschaton term. Literally: Strikes Against Civilian Populations. Figuratively: to go "postal."
324; Eschaton term. Literally: Strikes Against Civilian Populations. Figuratively: to go "postal."
'''Sagan, Carl'''<br />
'''Sagan, Carl'''<br />

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63; Strategic Air Command

324; Eschaton term. Literally: Strikes Against Civilian Populations. Figuratively: to go "postal."

Sagan, Carl
745; (1934-1996) pop-astronomer of whom Orin does an impression

St. Columbkill Sunday Night Group
209; 12-Step group; 856;

St. Elizabeth's Hospital
209; in Boston, MA

St. Mel's Hospital
86; where Ewell detoxed

St.-Simone, Kimberly

91; Russian: "any sort of politically underground or beyond-the-pale press or the stuff published thereby" 1011; "the Entertainment" as, 490, 549; 658;

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals
170; where LSD was first created;

San Simeon
952; floor plans for, at Qal'at Si'man

860; "Ferocious Francis's own sponsor, the nearly dead guy they wheel to White Flag"

Saturday Night Lively

138; Substance Abuse Services

Saudi Minister of Home Entertainment

Sawyer, Dean
7; Dean of Admissions at Univ. of AZ, interviewing Hal

Schacht, Ted
31; 50; ETA senior; rooms w/Pemulis & Troeltsch; Crohn's Disease, 103, 266, 633; tight with Mario and with Lyle, 263; "doesn't care all that much whether he wins anymore" 306; "thick and solid" 457;

Schtitt, Gerhardt
52; 70-year-old Head Coach and Athletic Director at ETA; about, 79; "We Are What We Walk Between" 81; in love with a tree, 83; smokes pipe, 391; early supporter of J. Gentle, fn.169/1031; "Traversion is character" fn.234/1039; "self-transcendence through pain" 660; with Mario heading for Evangeline's Low-Temperature Confections, 701; listening to Wagner, 755;

835; "a poseur like"

207; what Boston Bikers refer to themselves as

Scorsese, Martin
944; American film director (Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, The Last Waltz, Raging Bull, The Last Temptation of Christ, Goodfellas, Casino, Kundun, etc.)

Seinfeld, Jerry
834; American comedian and TV actor

735; paranoid addict who raves about the "metal" people to Maranthe; 748

senza errori
165; never-miss consistency; 675; (italian: "without errors")

Sergeant at Arms
359; the well-dressed man outside the Boston AA meetings, in Gately's dream, yanked people out with a shepherd's staff; 463; 468;

"high-pitched grunts that if girls could only hear what their own grunts sounded like they'd cut it out" [Hereally writes that!]

37; lives with Wardine (sister?); daughter of black addict

Sharing and Caring
546; NA group, St. E's

Shattuck Shelter for Homeless Males
272; where Gately works as a janitor; 434; 709;

Shaw, Colonel
223; "equestrian statue of" in Boston, draped in Québecois flag

Shaw, Tall Paul
50; ETA student; sponsorship, 266;

Shed, The
196; Unit #5 at Ennet House, where catatonics are "stored"

Sherman statutes

Sherman, W.T. (William Tecumseh)
925; "with the ladies" (1820-1891) "American Union general. Appointed commander of all Union troops in the West (1864), he captured Atlanta (1864) and led a destructive March to the Sea, which effectively cut the Confederacy in two." (American Heritage Dictionary)

Shiny Prize Biting Shoats
741; KY football team on which the first boy ever to approach Joelle in a male-female way played as a lineman ("half blind on Everclear punch"), 741;

Show, the
53; pro-level sports, specif. the A.T.P. tour (111); 109; 111; "When you hit the Show is when you'll understandprimitive" 243; 259; 263; 269;

Shuco-Mist Medical Pressure Systems
198; near Boston, MA

Sidney or Stanley
619; "hammered" security guy at Gately/Nuck altercation

Sierpinski gasket
213; the Sierpinski gasket (aka Sierpinski triangle) is a type of fractal using equilateral triangles; Waclaw Sierpinski (1882-1969), Polish mathmetician


Sir Osis of Thuliver
834; play on words: cirrhosis of the liver.

Siress, Erica
514; young ETA student

Sixties Bob
See Monroe, Bob

208; Ennet House resident

525; "barrel-chested Latvian" satellite pro (fn.221)

131; ethnic slur for an Asian person

Smith, Burt F.
130; (not named) mugged by Poor Tony and left to die; Ennet House resident with no hands or feet, 274;

Smith, Stan
110; Tennis pro whose cartridge Hal and his Buddies are viewing

Smothergill, Phillip T.
229; "insufferable child actor"; 714; in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991;

582; rock band

Sol Hoopi Players
583; Don Ho's back-up band

Sorkin, Whity
131; addict buddy of C's in the days of his youth; scammed by Fackelmann, 886; "the migrainous bookie" 892; "terrible cranio-facial neuralgia" 913; arrives for Fackelmann's demise

Sorrow and the Pity, The
835; Gately "wiggling his pinkie to indicate the world's smallest viola playing the theme from" (1971 documentary. 4+ hour long French film documenting French attitudes toward the German occupation in WWII and in particular their (the French's) complicity therewith.)

special attaché to the Saudi Minister

Spider, The
274; aka the Disease aka addiction/dependence

Spodek, Carol
102; ETA student; 198; 636; Big Buddy to Kittenplan, 758;

sporting lint
202; Boston street term for having no money

Spur, The
154; "outlying district zoned for sprawl" where Pemulis is from (in Allston, MA); 180

896; aka MDMA, Ecstacy

Statue of Liberty
"Libertine Statute, wearing some type of enormous adult-design diaper" 33; "other arm holds aloft a product [...] changed each 1 Jan." 367

Steenbok, Danielle
208; Ennet House alumna & volunteer counselor; Gompert's counselor, 361; rumored to attend Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, 462;

Steeply, M. Hugh (aka Helen)
88; Unspecified Services field operative; described, 93; his "green sedan subsidized by a painful ad" 107 (see also p.327); "made his early career [...] conducting technical interviews" 108; aka "Helen" the journalist--story about heart-in-a-purse lady, 142; "Putative Curriculum Vitae" of Helen, 227; 317; "assigned to cultivate some of the Entertainment's alleged filmmaker's relatives and inner circles" 375; 1012; going to ETA as "Helen" fn.147/1028; "the ugliest supposedly female feet" 419; what America really wants, 423; 565; 622; at ETA, 627; his father, 638; H.H., 639; kid sister, 643; at Stice/Hal match, 652;

"sharp star of frond-shade" 165; "star's points" 187; Stelliform Cultism, 560; "perfectly round [...] radiating knives of light" 88; "gigantic asterisk shadows" 88; something Lenz talks about; "antihistorical American stelliformism" fn.304/1058; "stelliform offshoots" ofLe Assassins " fn.304/1060;

203; metro Boston for panhandling

Steve's donuts
129; junkie hangout in Enfield Squar[e], Boston

Stewart, Rod
44; British rock singer ("Rod the Mod")

Stice, Ortho ("the Darkness")
17; patriotic ETA student; big fan of Schtitt, 105; Big Buddy to Wagenknecht; 264; rooms w/Coyle, 394; conferring w/Lyle, 394; fn.185; crewcutted, 520; counterphobia, 550; parents (Mr. Stice and The Bride), 628;11/11/YDAU match w/Hal described, 652; forehead stuck to window, 865; 3 statisticians joke, 867; bed is on the ceiling, 942; bet Coyle "he could stand on his desk chair and lift it up at the same time" 943;

281; ETA student on "C" team, singing opera on the bus

Stokely-van Camp Corp.
329; candded- and frozen vegetable conglomerate (?)

Store 24
206; where McDade works

Stott, Donnie
121; ETA student; Donni, 523, 965; "Valley-Map laugher" fn.324/1067;

Stove, Betty
123; "Power-game tradition"; Dutch tennis player of the mid-70s, winner of numerous Grand Slam doubles titles playing with Wendy Turnbull.

Struck, James Albrecht Lockley, Jr.
49; of Orinda, CA; ETA student and Big Buddy to Tallat-Kelpsa, Traub & Whale; Gopnik); pet tarantula, 519; wears braces, 638; studying Québec-separatist history, fn.304/1055; about his dissipated dad, fn.304/1058;

student engineer at WYYY
82; 239; kidnapped, 622-26; 726-27;

Subject, The
43; Orin's affectionate moniker for his partners in one-night stands; 566;

Subsidized Era
151; when corporations sponsor a year, which year the sponsor may name, at the end of which year they sell the sponsorship to the highest bidder; chronology, 223 (first was B.S.2002 [note: I left this 2002 thing in because I couldn't disprove it, but nor can I recall in the text where one can fix subsidized time to "regular" time. In fact when I did it I came up with a different year. I can't recall how I came up with my answer either. -SMR-]; "Subsidized Time," 234; 260; "a revenue-response to the heady costs of the U.S.'s Reconfigurative giveaway" 438; 439-42; fn.304/1057;

Sudbury Half-Measures Avail Us Nothing Group
563; AA group whose Chair used to be a nuclear auditor for the Defense industry ("used tod wear a four-piece suit and the fourth piece was him")

Sunstrand Power & Light
342; Himself's ad for, fn.24/986; "like being down at Sunstrand Plaza when they fired the transformers" fn.234/1042; "O.N.A.N.-Sunstrand waste-intensive fusion facility up in what used to be Montpelier"

Sutherland, Joan
fn.324/1069; theme; (b. 1926, Australian operatic soprano)

Svelte Nail Co.
540; "just east of Watertown on No. Harvard St." in Boston

Sweeny, Chip
552; younger ETA student

Swinburne, Algernon Charles. (1837-1909)
fn.269/1047; British poet and critic who wrote musical, often erotic verse in which he attacked the conventions of Victorian morality. (American Heritage Dictionary)

Syrian Satellite Pro
216; at ETA for "two paid weeks of corrective instruction"

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